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French Connection Leather Trousers / Posch Boutique Velvet bodysuit / justfab booties

I recently attended the grand opening of my friend's business, and it was a cocktail dress occasion, but for whatever reason I was not feeling like a dress that day. I wanted something equally sexy but slightly edgier...
This is my last post for the remainder of the year, as I want to unplug from social media/computer/work to really devote myself to my family and doing some charity work while in Colombia. In this Christmas season I am reminded that "it really is more blessed to give than to receive" and I hope that I can give my heart, time and mind fully to loving and making memories. Merry Christmas! xo
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  1. Gorgeous look!

    xx, Elise

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  3. Love this top! So chic!


  4. How can someone look like this kind of Gorgeous!

  5. Gorgeous as always Nicholl xxx

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